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Client List

Client List

ADV.1 Wheels
American Racing Wheels
AutoSource Dallas
Black Magic Car Care
Dallas Automobile Storehouse
Dallas Performance
DSPORT Magazine
DuSold Designs
HRE Wheels
Jotech Motorsports
Modified Magazine
Modulare Wheels
MORR Wheels
Park Place Porsche

Park Place Porsche Motorsports
Park Place McLaren
Park Place Mercedes Benz
Park Place Jaguar
Park Place Maserati
Park Place Rolls Royce
Rain X
RIDES Magazine
Rossion Motorcars
Secret Entourage
Starwood Motors
Stuart's Paint & Body
Super Street Magazine
Vossen Wheels

Behind the Scenes // HRE Hangar Shoot

Hey all, here’s my latest behind the scenes release — showcasing what was always one of my dream shoots to do! We lined up one of the nicest private hangars in Dallas featuring a few incredible private jets. Of course we needed some beautiful cars to match the already incredible subjects present, so we brought along a twin turbo Lamborghini built by Dallas Performance and owned by AutoSource Dallas with a set of HRE Performance Wheels. To compliment this exotic, I brought along a flawless white Ferrari California from Starwood Motors, and then had the beautiful Misty Romano ride with me to help just push things over the top.

I know there’s been plenty of car shoots at private hangars, so I wanted to go for the most unique look I could to help set it apart. Hopefully I achieved that with what I haven’t seen much of in a hangar, very dark and dramatic lighting with vibrant colors. I show a few Photoshop time lapses that will give you an idea of what all went into converting these RAW images into the final pieces you can see below.

I’d like to thank the following companies and people for making this photoshoot possible:

  • HRE Performance Wheels // Client
  • Starwood Motors // Provided Ferrari
  • Dallas Performance // Built the Lamborghini
  • AutoSource Dallas // Provided Lamborghini
  • Misty Romano // Secured Location and made us all look better
  • Greg Royar // Lead Videographer
  • Ryker Montgomery // B Videographer
  • JD Waldron // BTS Photographer
  • Brent Hill // On Location Detailer


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F40 Tunnel Shot BTS Video

This video shows the techniques used to create the F40 tunnel shot I’ve recently released with HRE Wheels. This a teaser shot I planned out for the Gas Monkey Garage Ferrari F40 that’s been featured multiple times in the Fast N’ Loud show on the Discovery Channel. I shot the car for HRE Wheels inside of Stuart’s Paint & Body who did a ton of work on the car. I will be shooting this car on location as well, I just wanted to create an over the top image to help get the word of the full shoot out there. Another BTS vid for the full shoot coming soon!

Thanks to Photos with Joel for assistance on the shoot and shooting the BTS footage and photos!

Here’s some photos from the scene of the crime as well:



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Fresh Website

My website has been due for a change, so here it is! I’ve gone through all my work and put up all the shots I feel most accurately display my style and quality of photography as of right now. With the new website I’ve put the focus on the content — the photos, blog posts, and videos. I don’t want a complicated maze of albums, galleries, and links to browse through to find what you’re looking for. The main homepage is a “news feed” of sorts, where blocks will display the newest addition to my portfolio, blog, important updates, etc. With this blog I will update it with any new behind the scenes videos I’ve been producing and releasing — and anything else I think is worth sharing!

Hope you like the site, the photos, and videos!


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New Behind the Scenes Video

Introducing my very first behind the scenes video! I’m going to start consistently releasing as much behind the scenes content as I can from now. I want to share as much as I can with my friends, peers, and followers in the industry — I believe we all improve from inspiration for not just our finished photos, but the techniques and processes we use to arrive to the final product.

This photoshoot was for AutoSource Dallas and HRE Wheels. AutoSource gave me the keys to their 1,200HP Jotech Stage 6 Widebody Nissan GT-R repainted in Lamborghini’s Verde Ithica color, and my current favorite car, the Ferrari 458 Spider. I already had some locations picked out, and then we scouted out the rest as we were cruising around town. The first location was simply some containers we stumbled across as we were driving down the street from AutoSource. The second location was my buddy’s warehouse, the Dallas Automobile Storehouse in Addison, TX. The last location was this shut down, under construction hotel + parking garage my friend Nathan the construction manager got us access to.

I used the Profoto D1 Air Kit for lighting, and had the awesome Karissa Hosek as a key grip, moving around the lights and generator as needed per shot. The behind the scenes footage was shot by Greg Royar and Dylan Spencer. Shane Klein provided some great behind the scenes pictures and assisted in driving the Nissan GT-R to and from locations as well.

Check out the video by clicking the play button above, and please leave a comment on this post with what you think of my first behind the scenes video! Anything else you think I should include? Any questions about this particular shoot? Should I have done a burnout in the 458? Thanks everyone!

This video was featured on the fantastic FSTOPPERS website, check out the article my good friend and peer, Andrew Link, wrote about it!


Behind the Scenes of Pepper Yandell’s AutoSource Dallas and HRE Wheels Photo Shoot

Here’s the final selected, edited images from the shoot:

Check out some of the behind the scenes photos:


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