Behind the Scenes // HRE Hangar Shoot

Hey all, here’s my latest behind the scenes release — showcasing what was always one of my dream shoots to do! We lined up one of the nicest private hangars in Dallas featuring a few incredible private jets. Of course we needed some beautiful cars to match the already incredible subjects present, so we brought along a twin turbo Lamborghini built by Dallas Performance and owned by AutoSource Dallas with a set of HRE Performance Wheels. To compliment this exotic, I brought along a flawless white Ferrari California from Starwood Motors, and then had the beautiful Misty Romano ride with me to help just push things over the top.

I know there’s been plenty of car shoots at private hangars, so I wanted to go for the most unique look I could to help set it apart. Hopefully I achieved that with what I haven’t seen much of in a hangar, very dark and dramatic lighting with vibrant colors. I show a few Photoshop time lapses that will give you an idea of what all went into converting these RAW images into the final pieces you can see below.

I’d like to thank the following companies and people for making this photoshoot possible:

  • HRE Performance Wheels // Client
  • Starwood Motors // Provided Ferrari
  • Dallas Performance // Built the Lamborghini
  • AutoSource Dallas // Provided Lamborghini
  • Misty Romano // Secured Location and made us all look better
  • Greg Royar // Lead Videographer
  • Ryker Montgomery // B Videographer
  • JD Waldron // BTS Photographer
  • Brent Hill // On Location Detailer


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Posted: March 4, 2014


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