PSD #1

This Photoshop was submitted by member David Irvine.

David Irvine’s submitted image

David had an extremely high amount of attention to the detail on this edit, and I pay big respect to that!

Key points to take away from this critique:

  1. pay close attention to the path of your blur, the curve off to the left of the frame causes the background to appear to be shot in a different focal length than the car.
  2. Try to get a little more creative with the color grading at the end.
Pepper’s adjusted version of David Irvine’s submitted image

PSD #2

This Photoshop was submitted by member Ryan Hines.

Ryan Hine’s submitted image

Key take away points for this photo:

  1. When possible, try to pick a fitting location for the vehicle at hand. In example, this performance street car looks a bit out of place looking into a forested area, this is more of a truck/jeep location.
  2. As always mentioned, be careful with your masks when making adjustments to the background and car separately, as it can lead to bad ghosting and halos if not perfect.
  3. When making exposure and curves adjustments try to not use big soft brushes, as it can lead to blurry looking results that confused the image.
Pepper’s adjusted version of Ryan Hine’s submitted image