Every car is going to be different when it comes to what it takes for the wheels to freely spin. Be sure to communicate with the client/owner of the car well before the shoot to ensure they’re OK with you jacking up the car and spinning the wheels. Some cars as in this video have a locked differential in the rear, and both rear wheels are required to spin at the same time. Other cars I have done this on, when the rear wheels are in the air and the car is in neutral they begin to spin quite fast and it can become dangerous.

Just always be sure to stay alert and take care, and if possible have a knowledgeable mechanic or technician available to assist with this entire process. I also cannot stress enough to watch your fingers if you spin the wheel as seen in the video, you can easily lose one if it gets between the rim and caliper! Another alternative is to wrap a steel wire around the tire tread, wind the tire up, and then you can pull the wire quickly to spin the wheel and not need to touch it at all.


The one way lane I created is quite specific to the needs of this shoot, but that is the beauty of Digital Assistant! Every photoshoot will have unique challenges, but these are also great opportunities to learn tricks to apply at your own next shoot. Capturing that extra backplate made creating the one lane road very easy as you saw in the video, but it takes the thought on location to make it happen. Always try to think how you can tell a better story with your images while shooting, so that opportunities such as this one presents itself to you.

The LiveClass Commune Advanced Automotive Photoshop class dives into much more detail about the editing techniques and processes it takes to create the final image as shown in this video. Be sure to check this out if you weren’t sure about every layer I reviewed in this edit.

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Check out the full Classic Recreations Ford Mustang Boss 302 photoshoot from Yukon, Oklahoma in the gallery below.