In the video I share with you the LED light wand I’ve been using recently for lightpainting, LUXCEO Light Wand, and even lighting in the very video I recorded. I did however recall it as being like $15-$20 cheap, but it is actually $90. However, still much cheaper than the alternative of an Ice Light. If you’re not using it for a key light on portraits, you will probably not notice the difference! The main downside is that the diffusion on the Ice Light is a bit stronger, and you cannot make out the individual LEDs in the reflection of a car.


In reality the amount of editing this final hero image took was minimal. This was truly about getting it right in camera, as it was essentially one big spaghetti noodle mirror. Lightpainting was the most effective way to light this up, and mixing it with the headlights and Profoto B1 gave it a great natural yet product catalog look.

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Check out the full Henneseey Performance C8 Corvette Exhaust System photoshoot in the gallery below.