The biggest and newest aspect to this technique is one I haven’t discussed before, and that’s shooting car to car. This is a mandatory basic to work to master as an automotive photographer. I love creating virtual motion shots as much as the next person, but sometimes it just has to be done in camera.

The flag was the biggest reason I needed to combine real car to car motion with a virtual motion static shot. I could not fake the waving of the flag and the appropriate back lighting with a slightly transparent cloth material, but I wanted to maintain the full control working with a static image also provided me.

I will do a more a more in-depth Digital Assistant lesson on strictly car to car shooting, but it definitely warrants you to practice as much as possible if you are not comfortable shooting this way. A convertible isn’t required, although a nice luxury. If possible using a lens with any kind of stabilization will make getting sharper photos easier. Also keep in mind the wider the focal length like 24mm will be easier to get a sharper image than shooting at a longer focal length like 105mm. Speed plays an important role on how much motion there is, for speeds 30 MPH below 1/50″ shutter speed is needed, 30-80 MPH 1/80″ shutter speed is a safe bet.


The LiveClass Commune Atmosphere Pack played a major role in the final outcome of this image. I felt for a for true sunrise hero shot feel, a lot of separation was needed for the car from the background, and the haze smoke layers combined with the dodge and burning I showed in the editing segment of this video achieved that result with little effort.

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